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Dr. Jessica Marziani has wanted to be a veterinarian since a very early age. Growing up on a small family farm in northeast Indiana, she knew the best career for her would be one surrounded by animals.  

Dr. Marziani’s family farm had a little bit of everything. If it lives in a barn yard, Dr. Marziani has probably owned one or more! She was very active in 4-H growing up, completing ten years of 4-H showing livestock, horses and even doing crafts and baking. Her family history is deeply rooted in 4-H as she is a fifth-generation member.  

​Dr.Marziani also actively competed in the Indiana Paint Horse Association show circuit and will tell you stories about the most influential animal of her life, Gretta, any time you want to hear them!

Dr. Marziani attended undergrad at Central Methodist University and vet school at the University of Missouri (Mizzou).  After vet school, Dr. Marziani completed a grueling one-year rotating internship at Arizona Equine Medical and Surgical Centre.  Dr. Marziani’s main interest going through school and her internship were lameness and getting horses back to competition.  Having had injuries take her out of the show ring growing up, she wanted to be able to help keep horses moving at their best.  After her internship, Dr. Marziani spent several years in equine medicine helping countless horses overcome injuries and making them comfortable.  All the while, Dr. Marziani herself dealt with pain from years of horseback riding and strain on her neck.  During this time, Dr. Marziani tried countless western therapies to try to reduce her neck pain without any success.  All the while, she had witnessed several patients of hers improve dramatically through acupuncture therapies.  This compelled Dr. Marziani to try acupuncture herself.  After waking up for the first time in years without a headache, thanks to acupuncture therapy, Dr. Marziani was a believer!  She knew this was a therapy method that she had to learn to help her patients even more.  

Dr. Marziani attended the Chi Institute and became certified in mixed animal acupuncture.  Once practicing acupuncture, Dr. Marziani started realizing that disease and injury prevention is a more effective service than simply reacting to ailments.  She added chiropractic medicine to her tool belt by attending Parker University’s animal chiropractic course and becoming certified by the American Association of Veterinary Chiropractic.  Practicing chiropractic exposed Dr. Marziani to cases that needed rehab, some due to surgery and some just due to lack of muscle mass from skeletal frame misuse.  Wanting to know how to isolate a muscle and engage it to help build its mass lead to Dr. Marziani becoming certified in canine rehabilitation therapy by the Canine Rehabilitation Institute.  Now Dr. Marziani believes her career has come full circle. From her childhood dream of getting her horse back into the ring after an injury, to being able to not only help patients recover from injuries, but help them prevent injuries in the first place! 

Next time you’re at the Houston Zoo, keep your eyes out for Dr. Marziani.  You just may see her rolling her bag around the zoo visiting some of the animals there and providing complimentary veterinarian therapies.  Dr. Marziani has been volunteering her services at the zoo since September of 2014 and enjoys every second she gets to spend there.  


Vonnie Ballensky - Administrative Assistant 

Vonnie has been an integral part of the CARE team since April of 2019.  Dr. Marziani is forever grateful for her friendship and help in keeping CARE Veterinary Services running smoothly while ensuring that we are providing the best client service experience possible.


Kristina Adourian, LVT, CCRP - Director of Rehabilitation and Pain Management Department

Kristina  was born and raised in Katy, Texas. She discovered her passion for veterinary medicine at the age of 16 with her first job working as a veterinary/kennel technician assistant. After high school she obtained her veterinarian paramedic certification. .  During her fist year at Lone Star College – Tomball, she was awarded the Candice Howard Scholarship.  She earned her associates of applied science and became a licensed Veterinary technician in 2011. 

During her preceptorship at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists, she fell in love with the rehabilitation and fitness department. After accepting a permanent position with the department, she obtained her certified canine rehabilitation practitioner (CCRP) certification from University of Tennessee in 2014.

Kristina loves constantly expanding her rehab knowledge to better help her patients in every way. She is always researching and taking extra continuing education classes to further develop her skills as a practitioner.  She is a member of American Association of Rehabilitation Veterinarians (AARV) and International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management (IVAMP.)  

Kristina is currently working towards her veterinary specialty in physical rehabilitation (list credential abbreviation). Her professional interests include alternative pain management for patients recovering from surgery and chronic osteoarthritis, in conjunction with developing a strong client patient bond to achieve all goals for each patient.

Outside of practicing rehabilitation and pain management, she enjoys spending time with her 2 fur babies, Gus, a Terrier mix, and Xena, a spoiled French Bulldog. Gus, her first baby, was adopted from school as he one of Kristina’s surgery patients. Xena came into her life originally as a patient from Short Mugs Rescue squad with “Swimmers Syndrome”.  Naturally after Kristina rehabilitated her to walk again, Xena was soon part of the Adourian family. Outside of loving her fur family she enjoys staying active and anything to do with the great outdoors.

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Michelle Petrarca, MS - Lead Rehab Technician

Since an early age, Michelle has always been passionate about animals and their well-being. From her

childhood dog, to her current patients at work, she has thrived in providing animals with intricate care

and aiding them to live out the comfortable lives they deserve.

Throughout her high school and college career, her volunteer work has centered around her passion for

animals. Michelle volunteered with Cameron Prairie National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center where she

participated in dove banding and record keeping. At Waller Equine Hospital, she was able to observe a

melanoma removal and reproductive processes including semen collection from a stallion to then study

under a microscope. She was also a temporary foster and adoption assistant for the Pup Squad.

Michelle graduated from McNeese State University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Animal Science,

and then earned a Master’s degree in Environmental and Chemical Sciences. She became a credited

author after writing and presenting her thesis: The Evaluation of Factors Associated with Pre-Race

Behavior in Thoroughbred Race Horses. For her research, Michelle spent hours at Delta Downs

Racetrack observing race horses and their behavior just prior to their races, identifying stress factors and

dynamics. The goal of her research was to potentially allow trainers and handlers to alleviate the

racehorse’s stress level and improve their overall welfare more quickly.

After graduation, Michelle continued to work in the animal industry and became an employee at

Central Houston Animal Hospital as a kennel technician in 2018. Just a few months later, she was promoted to

being a veterinary technician where she had the pleasure of witnessing Dr. Marziani treating her patients.

This immediately sparked interest for Michelle and encouraged her to want to learn and develop her career in

the field of rehabilitation and pain management. She joined Central Houston Animal Hospital Rehabilitation

and Pain Management Department in January of 2022 and is currently in school to receive her

CCRA (Certified Canine Rehabilitation Assistant) from the Canine Rehabilitation Institute. This is the same

program and curriculum that Dr. Marziani did when she became certified in rehab. 

With further education in this field, she hopes to provide the best care to each patient that she encounters

and help increase their overall welfare, while also maintaining a relationship with the client

and making sure they feel comforted and educated throughout the entirety of the process.


Sharon Nguyễn

Sharon graduated from Texas A&M University with a bachelors in Animal Science.  After graduating she began working at a veterinary chiropractic clinic, where she first found her love for animal rehabilitation. Sharon is certified in Masterson Equine Bodywork which she translates to working on small animal patients. She is currently taking courses to become a licensed physical therapist assistant which will then qualify her to enroll in a certified canine rehabilitation practitioner program.  She was thrilled to join the CHAH rehab team in 2022 and loves using what she is learning in the classroom to help enhance animals' lives.


Outside of animal rehabilitation, Sharon has volunteered with S.H.A.R.E therapeutic riding, trained miniature swine on treadmills for research, and interned at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. 


Kassandra Hernandez

After graduating from high school,Kassandra grew an admiration to work in the veterinary field.  Kassie started her journey at CHAH as a kennel technician in July of 2022. As she progressed in the clinic, she quickly developed an interest for the rehabilitation department. Her path illuminated her calling. Through hard work and dedication Kassandra was promoted to the rehabilitation department. In developing her passion for sports medicine Kassandra enrolled in Canine Rehabilitation Institute where she is receiving her Certified Canine Rehabilitation Assistance (CCRA). Furthering her education she hopes to provide the best care and experience to her patients. Kassie’s job follows her home as she enjoys spending time training her Belgian Malinois, Jenny. 

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